Most Stressful Cities

Stress is all around us these days – flip on the news and sometimes the problems seem nonstop. There’s so much political infighting and inaction, unemployment, etc…

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But are some cities more afflicted than others?  It sure looks that way.

We just completed an in-depth study on the nation’s Most Stressful Cities, and Tampa Bay, Florida came out at the top of the list.  Las Vegas was number two, then Miami and Jacksonville.

Notice a pattern?  Florida, with all it’s sunshine, occupies half of the top ten spots.  I was pretty taken aback.

We looked at a lot of data, so it’s tough to dismiss this interesting concentration as mere statistical aberration.

You can check out all the factors here on our site:

2012 Most Stressful Cities

The study is getting great response through its CNBC/MSNBC coverage: thousands of readers have already Tweeted the story, recommended it on Facebook, or shared it through other outlets.

I was interviewed by the Tampa Tribune, along with some of the area’s leaders:

Tampa Tribune Stressful Cities Feature

I mentioned that I was shocked by the results… and so did they!

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