Portland Just Got a Lot Weirder

Institution Incentivizes Indecency

(Okay, maybe the subtitle is a little hysterical but I’m a sucker for alliteration.)

Portland has this slogan “Keep Portland Weird” (which they stole from Austin, how lame is that?)  And as part of their celebration of weirdness, they have the annual Naked Bike Ride.  There is a World Naked Bike Ride, but Portland claims to have the largest, maybe 5,000 riders.

(At the end of this post, I’ve have links to photos and videos of the Portland ride.)

But this year it gets a little weirder, with the help of a venerable Portland institution.

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Washington Post – DC Gains Urban Hipsters

I was asked by the Post to explain why the DC metro has suddenly gained so many 25-34 year olds.  According to the Census Bureau, DC is now right up there with hipster havens like Austin and Portland (Oregon).

DC Area Gains Young Adults

Reporter Carol Morello asked me, “Does this mean Washington is now ‘cool’?”

My answer was, “Umm, sorry, no.”  I explained, it’s a simple case of economics.  The DC area has had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the U.S. along large metro areas.  Young people are flocking to where the jobs are.

Bill Frey, of the Brookings Institution, also chimed in, agreeing that it’s the economy, but also stating that DC has a “certain vibe.”

My quote in the article spoke about each place has its own identity or brand, and Washington’s is one of government and power.  “I don’t know if you want your seat of government to be too cool and quirky.”

Sort of like, you don’t want to find out your heart surgeon also does stand-up comedy.