Manliest Cities

Where do America’s REAL men live?  “America’s Manliest Cities” is one of most entertaining studies I do, and it always seems to get a big reaction across the nation.  I’m not surprised - having one’s manhood appraised is definitely bound to start some spirited discussion!

This is the third year we’ve done the study, partnering with the good folks at Combos, the “official cheese-filled snack of NASCAR.”  (I’m not kidding.)

This year good ole’ Nashville, TN grabbed the top spot, and Charlotte, NC was runner-up.  In fact, all of the top 10 Manliest Cities were in the South or Midwest.  Must be all that macho stuff like country music, huntin’, and grillin’.

Actually, we did consider things like number of BBQ restaurants, as well as rodeos, sports events, and manly occupations.  Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg… there’s a lot more to the study.

Click the link below for detailed results and all the criteria we used:
2011 Manliest Cities

This year we even formed our own Board of Manliness, consisting of such studs as Rollie Fingers, Lou Ferrigno and Mike Sullivan (pictured below).

Here’s what our testosterone team had to say:  Manliness Quotes

In case you’re wondering, Los Angeles ranked lowest in Manliness.  I guess it has something to do with all those salads, spray tans and girlie jeans…

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