Sexual Health

This year marks the 6th annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card study that we do, and it’s one of the ongoing projects I’m most proud of.  Each year it garners more attention and continues to gain momentum as a source of positive change.

It’s emerged as the only independent evaluation and comparison of on-campus sexual health info and resources for U.S. universities, covering over 30% of all enrolled undergrads nationwide.

We look at the hours of operation for student health centers, the availability and cost of contraceptives for both sexes, peer groups, STD testing, and how sexual assaults are handled.

One of the greatest strengths of the study is that there’s no endorsement of any particular lifestyle, rather the advocacy and promotion of informing students.  It’s about education, which is fitting at our country’s places of higher learning.

I spoke about effecting change, and the way this study helps is that students continue to approach administrators about ways to improve their schools’ rankings.  That’s a great result of the project – when the work we do starts to come full-circle.

The bottom line is that there are three great impacts this study continues to generate.  It’s improving the health centers themselves, it helps the students, and it provides more peace of mind for parents as their children navigate the oft-challenging transition into adulthood.

As we look forward to the seventh year of the Sexual Health Report Card, our team of researchers is looking at new ways to refine the study to provide additional insight and perhaps expand the number of schools.

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