The Great American Road Trip

We started Sperling’s BestPlaces exactly 30 years ago, never dreaming it would ever become so widely recognized.

So, this seems like the perfect time to take a break from desk duties and head out on the road again to revisit our wonderful United States.

Starting from our home base in Oregon, my wife Gretchen and I will be driving across the U.S. in another episode of that great American institution – The Road Trip.

We’ve taken road trips across the country before, starting with our families when we were still kids.

Road TripWe’ve crossed the country by plane, rail, and Greyhound but there is something uniquely American about having a car, a full tank of gas, and no particular place to go.

The general plan is to travel smartly to the East Coast, somewhere south of the Washington DC area, and then knock around the South, trying to find that seam in the weather between freak snowfalls, heavy rains and flooding, tornadoes and oppressive humidity.  It’s been a tough year weatherwise for much of the U.S.

From there, we’ll travel Westward through the Southwest, before that region heats up in earnest.  Finally, we’ll travel back up through California to home.

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  1. We went on our Road Trip in June-July. From Ohio zig zagging to Seattle, then south to LA, then East to Florida, back North to Ohio. If you get close, stop by. Don’t forget to stay on top of Crevice Mountain, or in the Redwoods at the Mendocino Farmhouse. Wallace Idaho is a great town.

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