Most popular cities for the holidays

Just in time for the holidays – which cities have the biggest holiday crush of travelers?

Here are the 100 U.S. cities which show the largest increase in air traveler over the two winter holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year (aka the Winter Holidays).

Now, we didn’t just look at raw numbers.  The obvious list would just be the cities with the largest populations.  Rather, these are the airline destinations ranked by the percent of their air travelers which list the city as their destination which occur during the holidays, as compared to their total annual incoming flights.

Click here for the full list of over 300 cities.

holiday travel  rank
Destination city Thanksgiving rank Christmas / New Year rank
1 Fort Myers, FL 4 1
2 Cincinnati, OH 1 3
3 Miami, FL 2 5
4 Hartford, CT 3 7
5 Fort Lauderdale, FL 7 6
6 West Palm Beach/Palm Beach, FL 10 4
7 Jacksonville, FL 9 8
8 Milwaukee, WI 6 14
9 Greensboro/High Point, NC 5 16
10 Palm Springs, CA 8 22
11 Columbus, OH 12 20
12 Richmond, VA 16 11
13 Charlotte, NC 15 17
14 Tampa, FL 19 12
15 Orlando, FL 17 19
16 New Orleans, LA 11 29
17 Pittsburgh, PA 13 24
18 Kahului, HI 20 15
19 St. Louis, MO 14 31
20 San Juan, PR 94 2

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Best Cities for Seniors

I just completed a really in-depth study on the best metro areas for seniors to live in.  Minneapolis came in first, with Boston and Pittsburgh rounding out the top three.  There’s an overview of the study here, with the top 25 cities:

2011 Best Cities for Seniors

We considered nine broad categories, each consisting of several specific measures:  Healthcare, Economy, Health & Longevity, Social Life, Environment, Spiritual Life, Housing, Transportation, and Crime.

Here you can download a PDF of the entire study, with all 50 cities ranked, as well as full methodology and detailed city writeups:

Best Cities for Seniors Full Study

In the PDF, we’ve even broken how cities scored in each of the individual categories.  For example, the #1 city for Environment was San Francisco, whereas the #1 city for Housing was Oklahoma City.